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Leisure Lake Resort

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Instagram: leisurelake_resort
web page: Leisure Lake Resort
Vasyl Chornyy
Area: 5x56.3 m²
Project: 2022
Implementation: 2023
Location: 140 Leisure Lake, Scotrun, PA 18355


Leisure Lake Resort is a leisure complex surrounded by beautiful nature on the lakefront. Located near the small town of Pocono in Monroe County, Pennsylvania, USA. It is a reconstruction of 5 leisure cottages arranged in a row, which is comfortable for a weekend getaway with a group of families.


Each cottage is designed for a family or group of 4-6 people. The space inside includes a compact living room with a kitchen, a bathroom with a shower, a small full bedroom, and a loft with sleeping accommodations for 2 people. There is also a small terrace at the entrance with a view of the lake.


The goal was to create a modern leisure cottage for a family of 4-6 people while preserving the naturalness of the materials used. We aimed to create an open space and plan all the necessary amenities for the guests.

We decided to use natural wood for everything and add modern dark elements such as furniture, fireplace, handrails, hooks, and mirrors for contrast. The architecture is covered in a graphite-colored felt-like material.



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