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SPAR Kulparkivska Lviv

Grocery supermarket

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Design: Creative Direction

Project year: 2019

Area: 600+m²

Location: Lviv, Ukraine

Photo: Taras Gipp



SPAR Kulparkivska Lviv is a renovated modern grocery supermarket of a well-known European chain.


Our task was to create an aesthetically neat background for products, focusing the customer on the items they need. To add stylish clarity and cleanliness.



The accent signs for departments effectively and interestingly direct in the right direction. The textures of concrete walls are deliberately left to enhance the contrast of materials and colors. Opposite the main entrance, there is a small coffee stand area where you can enjoy a sandwich, hot dog, or sweets with coffee/tea.

SPAR Kulparkivska Lviv is delicious, stylish, and offers a good assortment of products!

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