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LuLu Pizza


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Design: Creative Direction
Vasyl Chornyy, Roman Demtsiu
Project area: 113 m²
Project year: 2022
Completed: 2023
Location: Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine
Photographer: Roman Dzvinchuk


LuLu pizza restaurant, nestled in the bustling center of Ivano-Frankivsk city, presents a harmonious blend of Italian and American flavors. Positioned at the start of the city's "100 meters" pedestrian area, it resides within a historic building dating back to the early 20th century. The exterior design of this establishment takes cues from American city streets, providing a stylistic inspiration that subtly reflects in its overall ambiance


Welcome to LuLu restaurant, a distinctive spot where contemporary vibes meet a retro essence, crafting an energetic and unique blend. Renowned for serving the city's most delectable pizza, LuLu also offers a diverse menu including a variety of pasta, ravioli, and burgers, alongside fresh salads and flavorful cocktails. This establishment melds retro-modernity with a touch of American flair, all while exuding the enchanting allure of Italy


The interior of our space is a blend of natural textures and authentic elements: aged walls, exposed brick, wooden features, and mosaic floor details, all complemented by the mystique of old mirrors. This combination crafts a refined yet retro ambiance. We've not only preserved historical charm but also revitalized it with youthful energy, seen in neon color highlights, metallic adornments, and intricate details. The decorative, coffered ceilings, adorned with inserts of aged mirrors, create a dynamic, shimmering spatial experience. Retro-inspired furniture, with nods to the automotive industry, adds a spirited elegance, symbolizing our constant progression.
The lighting design, intentionally contrasting with the grandeur of exclusively restored retro chandeliers by ReStore's master craftsmen, creates a warm, inviting atmosphere. The presence of olive greens throughout the space brings a refreshing touch, perfectly aligning with our establishment's concept

Countless hours of dedicated effort and creativity have been poured into harmonizing the exquisite flavors of Italian-American cuisine with a chic design and a welcoming ambiance. We are confident that every visitor will discover something to cherish here - be it a finely crafted meal, enjoyable chats with friends, commemorating a special occasion, or relishing a delightful breakfast accompanied by delicious coffee...

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