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Japanese and asian food restaurant

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Design: Creative Direction

Project Area: 152 m²

Project: 12.2020

Realization: 06.2021

Location: Brativ Rohatyntsiv St, 4, Lviv, Ukraine

Photos: Taras GIPP

Graphic arts: Ektovam



MAMENORI japanese and asian restaurant

The  restaurant is located in the central part of Lviv city. A cozy place a few steps from the noisy Rynok Square, with an atmospheric interior and a spacious summer terrace. The total area is 152 square meters. It seats 70 guests inside and 54 outside.

Here you can enjoy delicious oriental cuisine, extremely tasty rolls and incredible desserts, as well as a good selection of drinks.

Guest hall 1

MAMENORI japanese and asian restaurant interior design realization


We aimed to create a modern atmospheric space that impresses, provokes and does not leave you indifferent. Inspired by Japanese culture, we focused on contemporary youth style and city light contrasts. It was interesting to create an atmosphere of mystic reflections in the evening pond. To recreate the playfulness of the water vawe that sees everything in its own way… urban reflections of light… mystical characters with different emotions (which we conventionally depicted in the style of Kawaii)… Natural elements and textures that create a natural environment… It's a mysterious, blurred and a bit fabulous vision of modern space through the prism of water reflections.


The place is located in an old house after the reconstruction of a rather not simple form. Three rooms connected by square shaped passage arches together form a long space. Turns into the depths of the building with WCs and a staircase to the far room.

To break the impression of too long a space,  we made a part of the open kitchen in its center. Namely, the work of sushi masters, which creates an additional culinary show. In this way, we saved space and added openness for guests, who can sit behind the glass in front of the sushi master and watching the process.

In the far part there is a hall with comfortable and conveniently located seating areas. It is from this hall that the wall begins, symbolizing the flow with uneven reflections of water, flowing smoothly into the ceiling and flowing from room to room throughout the restaurant. To make it, we used a sheet of stainless steel, easily deforming it during installation, which created the effect of chaotic blurring of space.

Also an integral part of the design is a graphic drawing on the wall, which depicts themed characters in the Kawaii style, as if a party of good spirits spread throughout the space and reflected in all corners of restaurant, dishes, decors and branding elements.

The bar area is located opposite the entrance and is one of the main  accent element. The upper part is made in the typical japanese style, from structurally mounted bars of natural wood in to cylindrical shape. The lower part is made of artistically warm processed metal, which enchants with its texture and shimmers with blue-orange highlights. The illumination of the bar and shelves is amorphously reflected in the wavy ceiling, creating a deep "water" imaginary space.

Guest hall 2

There is a table for 6 persons in the passing hall. It has located a dry tree with atmospheric lighting, which fills the room with a violet-blue hue, creating a mystical play of light and shadow. This part of the hall immediately became a favorite photo area for guests of the restaurant


The WCs we have used small-format tiles individually made for this restaurant. The ceilings are made of artistic metal with built-in blue glass shades. The caustic effect creates a play of light rays and transfusion of the water surface.

Guest hall 3

In the far part of the floor on the rise of a few steps has located another cozy hall. Made in a minimalism style of natural textures and flooded with neon atmospheric light. The seats located in the hall are transformed into a large community table for the company. There is also a logo shape on the wall, which is reflected in a large round mirror opposite, and in a wavy surface in the ceiling, which forms a visual play of space, which can be traced throughout the all restaurant space.


To make the interior elements, we used natural textures that warmly and comfortably envelop the entire space. Rounded slopes of arches are made of natural sheet metal, with polished edges. Decorative plasters looks like dried clay with soft pastel shades. The gloss of the waves of stainless metal, harmoniously contrasts with the natural atmosphere of the walls and floor. Warm stains of natural wood tables, bar furniture and decors of dried flowers,  has accently contrasted with dark cold shadows, and add warmth and comfort, forming a warm "oasis" in cool shades.

The lighting scheme is made in such a way as to create an atmosphere of coziness combined with "playful mysticism". Flooding with neon violet and orange colors, combined with well-planned warm illumination of table surfaces and work areas.

Textures and decors are designed and made by a creative team of professionals exclusively for the restaurant @mamenori_lviv

Furniture design by: @creative_direction_design


The graphic stain in the form of a clownfish, which has already been taken as a basis by the owners, is supplemented by a new text logo, succinctly arranged in a square. The pale blue contour, which confidently came out from under the brush of the artist @ektovam, created wonderful "regular guests" of the restaurant in the form of good positive and youthful characters in the style of Kawaii. They confidently complemented the atmosphere of the restaurant with their emotional portraits. And also became a continuation of the menu, staff uniform, utensils, packaging, advertising…




MAMENORI japanese and asian restaurant interior design visualization. It was a "road map" and direction to correct way!

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