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trattoria di italiana

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Design: Creative Direction

Project year: 2019

Area: 254 m2


Cozy family-style Italian restaurant-trattoria in a retro-modernism and eclecticism style

ANTICA EATERY trattoria di italiana interior design concep


Our task was to create an atmosphere that transports guests to the charming streets of old Italy. To establish a place of familial joy and celebration. To create an atmosphere infused with a touch of the 60s. The place wich embodies the timeless appeal that has captivated lovers of delicious homemade Italian dishes and the Italian essence for many years


Partially preserved wooden elements inherited from the previous space were reimagined and seamlessly integrated into the design. The simulation of aged plaster and retro elements enhances the restaurant's aesthetic reminiscent a rtro popular venue. 60s-style chandeliers add a festive touch, gleaming with their brass details. Comfortable retro-modernism furniture blends seamlessly with the stylistic choices, imparting a sense of solidity to the establishment


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