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Sparkling party

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Instagram: champaneria_if

Design: CREATIVE DIRECTION / Vasyl Chornyy, Roman Demtsiu

Location: Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

Restaurant area: 150 m².

Roof terrace area: 140 m²

Guest seats: 5th floor restaurant - 42 guests; 6th floor summer terrace - 68 guests

Photography: Taras Gipp

Project: 2019

Implementation: 2020





The idea of opening a CHAMPANERIA restaurant with the atmosphere of airiness, festivity, with exquisite design for connoisseurs of sparkling exotics in the center of Ivano-Frankivsk city, Ukraine.

The restaurant is always noisy, fun, and you want to stay here forever. CHAMPANERIA is a champagne bar of the new format, where you feel a part of a unique project and immerse yourself in an exciting journey of extraordinary tastes, sincerity of the team and a weightless sense of height in the heart of the city. Uniqueness – location, panoramic view, and unforgettable atmosphere, unique views and ideas, friendliness for guests, the availability of seafood and sparkling wine. Champaneria is a well-implemented concept of festive sparkling exoticism and always good mood!


A holiday is not a date, but a state of mind!

When the elevator door of the fifth floor opens, it seems as if you are immersed in another world – holiday stars, exotic plants, glass balls and wavy ornaments, calm blue color and shine of brass elements... A minute passes and you already feel like a hero of the famous movie “The Great Gatsby” and the Hollywood star hands you a glass of sparkling wine!


The interior, designed by “CREATIVE DIRECTION” design bureau, successfully combines natural materials of wood and brass, ferrous metal and glass, living plants and exotic ornaments. The seating areas for guests are cozy and gently inviting to start your own party. A large cloud of glass bubbles, glowing with small sparks, and decorative metal boats with green plants immerse in the festive ocean of sparkling. The pastel blue color scheme is combined with the warm tones of the walls and floors like the ocean with a sandy beach. And the playful luster of metal, glass and mirrors ignites the holiday party among a variety of exotic drinks, plants and decors. Festive Art Deco and exotic Eclecticism are strongly intertwined in a whirlpool of emotions…

Restrooms design



Upstairs, guests can enjoy a spacious terrace with an observation deck, which offers a magnificent view of the city center. The design of the terrace significantly continues the festivity of the restaurant and creates an oasis in the open air between the ancient roofs of the city.



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