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party restaurant

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Instagram: young_party_restaurant

Design: CREATIVE DIRECTION / Vasyl Chornyy, Roman Demtsiu

Location: Ternopil, Ukraine

Area: 550 m²

Guest seats: 160

Project: 2017

Implementation: 2018



YOUNG  party restaurant

Pan-Asian cuisine, elegant, exquisite interior, club music and relaxed atmosphere makes the perfect combination that embodies in the concept of YOUNG!
Restaurant has located in Ternopil city, Ukraine. Restaurant has total area near 550 sq. m and contain 160 guests in there


In the restaurant, each detail transmits the atmosphere of the Asian night lifestyle. Rounde brass wavy disks on the ceilin, looks like lotus leaves on the water. Warm natural woden decor elements add cozyness. The dark interior theme with accent lighting of the necessary elements and furniture, decorations of shiny metals (brass, stainless steel), neon lights and red accents. Shelves filled with various bottles of alcohol hinting to sip a cocktail...

One of the main elements of the design is a multimedia LED-ceiling, which, with its light play, complements the atmosphere of night Asia and makes dynamic dancing atmosphereUnusual combination of taste, original presentation, non-standard in every element – it is the party-restaurant of Asian cuisine YOUNG





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